Month: July 2013


People fight their most basic instincts

and treat the victory

like a badge of honor

(or they give in to their baser needs

and ask that we, “not judge”

as we are not fit nor fair

in doing so).

No one ever praises

the, “going-on-as-usual”

of the day-to-day…

or heralds with triumphalism

the abject simplicity

of simply,


We demand absolute victory,

or absolute defeat

and turn our nose,

in a whiff,

to those things that strike us

as nondescript.

We have become a people


of any appreciation

of the normal.


Salt and Vinegar

I have become embittered,

like a wine once sweet

and left in a darkened room,

or worse;

like a vinegar,

once tangy and now

fit only for the harshest of tasks.

I tear-up

as Don Mclean sings

about the sadness

of Van Gogh

and long for the days

when my own soul

was not so hardened

and quick to stiffen

against the fain-breeze

of gentle thoughts

and empathy.

Now I have turned inward

and reflect upon myself

as I appear to my infant son

and I hope he will someday cry

at the words of the poets

and the loss of beauty

and that his tears

will be sweet

and never turn as rancid

as those I taste

as they run down my cheeks.

Goddamned genius

The guy before me did shitty work,

and I spent the day picking up his slack.

I had never met him,

but I hated him in a way

that was worse than if I had.

If I knew him I might be inclined

to read the best into his laziness

but as it was

I could only conclude that he was an asshole.

I wanted to find him

and tell him what a dick I thought he was.

But I was working, and he wasn’t

which meant he was at home

drinking or fucking or smoking

and I was sweating and huffing

and holding the small of my back

like a stupid fuck

fixing his work

and making his life easier


He wasn’t an asshole;

he was a genius.

Transparent filters

Sunlight in flight
cuts through
every sky
but the beauty
is subjective.
The ugliest of days
is no fault
of the sun.
The burden there
lies with the filters…
mood, etc.
At the very worst
of your moments
as life is battering you
the clarion truth
of solar beauty
is out there.
It is merely filtered
by what lies between
or what lies

I hugged a duck.

At the lavender festival

the baby laughed at puppies

and we ate

crappy food-stall


There were vendors



you never needed

but always suspected you wanted

and it was all


The sun threatened

all pale-skin

as the baby sheltered

under every piece of shade

while laughing

and chatting…

to the air

and to strangers.

One of the more unique features

(before the road-to-home swallowed us)

was an older woman

and a duck of sweet disposition

(please re-read title).

Then a stop at the fragrant fields

yields a bumper-crop of photo’s

of lavender and smiling children

to cap a trip

that honestly ended

in the tears

of the over-tired.


You say

that you know better;

but what you know

comes over

as vitriol.

You call for justice,

but ask for it

at the cost of souls.

You make no allowances

for the lives

lost to your cause.

It matters not

that your diatribe

comes at someone’s expense;

only that you can say,

“I care enough

to fuck you gently.”

So here’s a golf-clap

for your mission

to rid the world

of the annoyance

that comesĀ from the success

of others.

You have won a victory

over hard-work

and determination.

I hope the glow of completion

doesn’t blind your feet

to the path you have laid

towards oblivion.


Why can’t there be more cheese?

I love cheese, all types

(OK, maybe not all the blue-cheeses,

or the cheese that says,

“I’m flavored with”….)

But I cannot eat enough cheese,

I buy it

(I am weak on wensleydale, brie,

camembert, triple creams, and parmesans)

but it often goes off in the fridge.

I just cannot eat as much

as my heart desires,


why is there not more cheese?