Month: September 2013

Flight path

I will see
a plane emerging
from within the clouds
and it will take me
by surprise.
I will see this plane
as if I had never before
seen such a thing
In the sky.
It puts me in a place
where our ancestors would be
when first observing
what they thought
must be
a God.
In my suprised stupidity
I am provided the insight
of infinite knowledge.



I see the setting sun,

and the powder-blue sky

lit with fluffy white clouds

and lined in pink,

and I feel sorrow

at all the beauty

the universe contains

and yet goes unseen

by the eyes of man.

The neighborhood moves

at its usual pace

as my son babbles

and tugs at his clothing.

We are alone

and overwhelmed

in the streets of this world,

while the aching-glory

peals around us.

A million words will never provide

the breadth or scope

of the world as it confronts us

and I fell weakened

as a result.

My son laughs at the planet

and I must chuckle, too…

it is the least I can do.

Littoral drag

No one smokes a cigarette

like a Vietnamese guy,

whether squatting in repose

at the bus-stop

or waiting


at the loading dock

of the market:

he is cool in his manner,

and works the smoking ember

like a gangster involved

in the most heavy

of deals.

He is most likely

just waiting on the bus

or a delivery truck…

but I suspect

so much more.