Month: May 2014

April sun

The bright new sunshine

comes in blue through my window,

giving the room a clean glow

and leading me to search the sky,

searching its white puffy clouds…

pure and stretched,

like stolen cotton-candy.

A faint blue,

as if we are within it


This fresh light calls me out,

out to dance on the wet grass.

This is the new sun;

the April sun.



These  heavy   hours are   thinning

moment                by              moment

on                       and                          on.

These   slow  tics  are   moving on.

Tick                                               Tock.


I         move       closer       to        you.

As   the  time   for  us  draws  near,

these heavy anxieties are thinning

pang                    by                       pang

to                        and                         fro.

I               come               to              you.

As one

Gentle slow rhythmic passion,

soft and intense.

We move together in ease

                                      as one.

Fire and electricity light my soul,

slowly burning me with easy love.

Moving and touching unhurriedly…

so slow and steady…

it is incredibly powerful.

Together we surmount our endurance,

and reach perfection

as one.


The world comes to me,

through my curtain

(tinted light-blue).

See of it little,

blocked by brick

blocked by tree

blocked by life…


The sky is here,

it is blue as well.

Shamed by the clouds,

lying in stratospheric heights,

calling us perfect…

in blue,