Month: June 2014


Why do I fight

the need to feel?

Always the struggle

to hold-back




to the world around me.

I grow the callus

of a hard-heart

in defense

and suffer

a worsening dam.

I now fear the volume it has trapped

more than the feelings themselves.

The privilege of the 3%

The cyclist

runs a red-light

with impunity.

He waves to us

as if to acknowledge

our adoration:

we feel no such thing.

Only a seething resentment

and baleful glares

reign out towards him.

His is obtuse,

ours is acute,

the degrees between us

cannot be measured

in the timing of a light

or the rhythm of a car horn.

We are out of phase,

this is his world

and while we are visible in it

we are not of it.


Do you love

as love has commanded


that you do?

Have you,



its pleadings

(lost to your injuries

and past wounds)?

Numb to all gestures,

immune to all attentions

you are wandering….

Love whispers

her pleas to you

and you stare


at the mess of life…

the cacophony

of what was.

You cannot win this fight,

there is only one fighter

in the ring…

Apathy and labor, a dance

Everyone is going,



They are trying to stop

the world from happening,

or to make it happen,

or to slow it down,

or speed it up.

They want to alter

or control

this pallid reality…

this tepid, shifting world.

It cannot happen,

it cannot be managed…

this is endless,

this narrative

in muscle.

It is played out

each day,

tiresome to see,

but more-so

to participate in.

It has begun to bore me.