Month: July 2014


In the title sequence

(shot, I’m sure

years ago)

he is thinner

than he is now.

I like that.

He was thought of

as “fat”

at that time,

but his fame wasn’t wide-spread.

It is more-so now…

and he is heavier.

I have grown weary

of the diet-crazed


the humorist

who has lost

70 pounds

and wants to talk,

“about carbs,”

and how much,


Just eat…

eat and be happy,




and make me laugh.

My fat-ass needs it,

now more than ever.


Stream of consciousness

I looked up,
from my phone,
and saw the homeless man
into the street drain.
He stood,
on the curb
and deftly aimed
his healthy yellow beam
of urine
(like a carnival game)
into the iron grate.
I thought,
“Well, I can scratch that off
my list of things never seen”.
I thought of the pharmacy
whose alley door
reeked of urine
that flooded in
each morning,
and whose sill
had rusted beyond repair
from the micturition
of countless vagrants.
I decided that this display,
while startling,
was the most reasonable act
I had seen
in months of public indecency.
His piss would go its way
and only our eyes
would ever have to know.
It beats a stinky pharmacy
every day of the week.


The homeless couple
sit on the bench,
his hand
reflexively caressing
her shoulder.
She stares into the distance
as the automated sprinklers
wet the grass
around them.
The needle is set
to top 90 today.
He is talking
and gesturing.
His words silenced
by the windows of my car.
Smoke drifts from his cigarette,
his hand drawing wispy shapes
In the early heat
of the morning air.
My light is changing
and I move along,
for all that they do not have
they have each-other.