Month: September 2014


Just a few generations ago

the best that could be said

of any man

was that he was present

and available.

Now, it has become,

that this is the worst

that can be said.

It is no longer enough

to play the role of the man…

we must now also play the role

of the everyman as well.

We have become too compliant…

that is our curse

and now also our cross.



I feel like writing
I have nothing unique
to write
at the moment.
I was ready
to let the urge
and wait
for the work
of the muse
to take hold…
then I remembered
the decade
(and then some)
when I was deaf
to the whisperers
of my writing
and my output
to naught….
I have begun to hear
these musings again
and it speaks to this renewal
that I am impatient
to produce
and desperate to write
where once
I was bereft
of the impulse.
So now I write
of the want to write
and the lack of inspiration
becomes the inspiration
for words
like water
on the thriving garden
of staggered text.

Sand castles

I wanted to say something

but then I realized

someone already had.

A song on the radio

beat me to it.

I thought,

“All the words

have already been said

by minds far greater than mine”.

How can I compete?

A million words have buried us

and we scramble to reorganize them

into new ideas.

We are losing.


One lonely leaf
fell onto the windshield…
it sat there.
I stared at it
and felt it
staring at me.
A gentle gust of wind
took it to the curb
and out of sight…
but I had seen it…
I had seen it
and I know what it means,
I know it is coming.
Change is inevitable
sometimes it falls
right before your eyes. 
I have seen it.


I drive the same route
into town
each Tuesday,
the same as each friday.
This tuesday
I felt
as though
I were stuck on repeat
from the previous friday
and I thought,
“what a miserable déjà vu.”
it occurred to me,
it will be the same
next week
and for the foreseeable future.
It was soul-crushing…
The only solution
is within me…
I am empty.

I could use a break

On the busy road, 

in the early light of day,

the car sat,

waiting to enter traffic. 

As I got closer,

it inched forward,

I grew nearer,


and the car made a move. 

I put up a hand,

as if to say, 

“whoa! Back off.”

but then I thought, 

“what the hell,

go for it,

let’s get this thing over with.”

I laughed. 

It was a dark thought

and I knew

I didn’t actually desire

the brutal end

just yet. 

Maybe just a broken leg,

or two;

a chance to catch my breath.

One, please

The topic was

things that look odd

when people do them alone.

They mentioned

going to the movies,

sporting events

and concerts. 

I have done them all

on my own

and always by design.

I need solace to be myself. 

In the company of others

I have to be somebody else. ..

and I don’t like that person.