Month: June 2015

Old pal

I once told you
about me…
I shared
my muse
and my inner-self….
If you continue
to turn it
back on to me,
like a wedge,
I will be forced
to forget you.
It is the worst thing
I can think to do;
as the alternative,
of assault,
seems unlike me…
and risky.
You know my wonts
and they were shared
on secret
and in the trust
of an old
Let that be


I am working
in the back room
of a small grocery store,
not too far
from the restrooms.
A little girl
(perhaps nine
or ten)
returning from the restroom
suddenly hugs
my left arm.
She is scrawny,
and precocious….
She says,
“Hello, fat-boy!”
and grins wide.
I manage to mumble a,
She repeats herself,
her smile widening,
her eyes fluttering.
I cannot tell
if she is cruel
or kidding…
all I wonder
is it wrong
to want to punch
a child?