Month: April 2016

Come to me…

Some of the very best
will never be known…
they must lie,
in the ruins
of the expectations
of everybody elses


I guess I’m saying I’m not regular.

Oh these are my favorite nights,
when life seems measurable;
I never get these moments…
(ok, rarely get…)
but when I do
I try to mark
regular folk
take for granted:
the day
social interactions
came easy…
were natural.
This warm,
April night,
I walked the neighborhood
and felt
like I belonged.

1991 marked

Twenty-five years
of talking to the void…
shouting in an empty room.
Blank sheets of paper,
or these newer mediums,
have been my only audience.
as you well know,
has changed somewhat
in the last few years….
But I am still
fairly isolated
and whispering my missives
to whomever may hear
and that,
of course,
is all I ever wanted
even if it fails
to satisfy.

Smoking sixties

There was an older woman
(maybe sixty,
or a hard fifty-five)
standing outside
the courthouse
on fourth
smoking a cigarette.
From her looks
I could tell
that the smoking
had taken
its toll.
she looked good,
even stunning.
Her skirt
was a champaign lamé
that ended
just above the knee,
and her stockings
were a pale white
Her blouse was simple
and low-cut,
but tasteful.
She had the air
of Jacki-O
in business attire…
sexy business attire.
All she needed
was the pill-box hat
and netting.
She was out of place
but so very belonged