Sundays…… and so on

Some great songs

from 30 years ago

(thanks prime)

and my mind reels 

at the conversion

from youth

to ruin…


drama aside, 

it feels that sudden. 

Yesterday I popped

that singular cassette

into my dumpy car 

(a car more loved 

than any “far-better” car

I have owned since) 

and watched the world

reveal itself  to me

while inviting me

to the glories of a youth




my four-year-old seems intrigued

by the music

of yesterday. 


or older…

It sucks,

and the perspective gained

goes ignored. 

Inside the eye

The quiet moments

are hard to notice.

In my youth

I was deaf to them

and pushed past

their sweet secrets.

I know,


to heed them,

and to be available

to their urgings.


the day is hectic

and the schedule untenable…

my younger self,


pushed on

and lit the other end

of the candle….

Now I hear:

“Be still,

settle yourself,

mind the moment.”

And so I do.

This is why,


while I may mourn

the loss

of a youthful physique,

I would not trade

the now

and lose this insight

that grants a “peace”

inside this chaos.