Home away



from home…

and this is not home,

but today it carries that label,

and so it must suffice.


It’s not home,

and that home

is that place

which labels



Today it cuts deeper

Southbound I-5
Christmas eve,
and hidden,
in plain sight,
several tents;
under the northbound lanes.
For a solid minute
my inner-rhetoric
goes silent:
all logic aside,
rational criticism quieted,
no one should live like this…
at least not today,
not tonight.
In two more days
my resolve will stiffen
and my patience will thin…
but not today.
today is Christmas eve.

Backing out.

shake my hand
but friends
a blind-eye.
I don’t want
a hug,
just affirmation
that they see me,
I like the corner,
I put myself there…
not to be ignored
but to guard myself,
and watch.
Maybe they have forgotten
that i am here
at all.
The outstretched hand
has gone to my pocket,
or the drink,
and i have dropped
my gaze…

Distance pales

The pain and longing

hit like a thousand desires,

the explosion of need

brought on tears like a fire.


Though sobbing and crying

I knew I had felt love,

I knew this was potent,

though feeling it was rough.


My heart cried out, “Please…!”

Though the pain did not end,

I felt a wash of calm,

knowing that I’d see her again.


The time and distance will always be there,

the need to hold will not fail.

Though we are separate now

in the light of love, distance pales.