Date night

She drives the city…

I sit,


The music


a long period

of love. 



Why are we so eager
to wound
or insult
those for whom
we are said to have
the deepest
What you said
can only be
cruel and barbed
and if said by a stranger
would require a response
of intense vitriol.
But you said it.
I felt a shadow pass
between our orbits
and I cannot stand
the chill therein.
I have no way
to tell you this
so I will leave it
to fester here…

Drove home in the rain

Sometimes you get down

it’s hard not to take it personally,

but the rain isn’t falling

just on you.

In a way, it would be easier

to think of the rain as your executioner:

there for you alone.

That’s a crazy kind of arrogance

but you can wrap it around yourself

like a warm blanket.

But when the things that bring you down

don’t tear everybody else down too

it just feels useless,

to be feeling anything at all.