Sunny day

The bumper sticker read,
“war isn’t working.”
Mr. bumper sticker,
you are mistaken.
Of all the typical
human endeavors
war alone
has not taken a day off
in millenia.
It is the most employed
of all of our failings.
The real question, is:
is war effective?
that will require
yet another bumper sticker.
keeps on working.



Once I stared at the sun,

it’s afterglow followed me

in the corners of my vision

all day:

an orange tag-along.

Today I stared upon you,

the image of you,

burnt upon my mind,

tags along

at the corner of my heart…

a lovely visage.

Lost in her embrace

Bring your heart,

come along.


dance in a bright light.

Sing your souls white-song,

sing it to a soft, gentle tune,


from your hearts deepest core.

Deep, solid warmth; secure.

Pull in tight, and hold softly…

hot, moist breath,

warm, smooth lips.

Open your mind

to passionate thought…

fire, and the need to touch again.

Bring your heart,

come with me.

Bring your love:

I’ll show your heart

the fire in my soul…

our fire.

Waiting for nightfall

The sun comes cruelly over the mountains,

bringing with it a host of terrible truths;

monsters of fact and reality.

This happens each day,

and we mark them…

bless them…

live by them.


I curse them.

They are an end to deep, sweet night…

pure thought,

wild ramblings,

scattered writings.


The sun murders the night, each morning.

Though, at dusk, night rises from its death-sleep,

and together we conspire against sunrise;

riding the night until it dies once more,

then waiting for its rebirth again.

Join me, as I wait for night.


These  heavy   hours are   thinning

moment                by              moment

on                       and                          on.

These   slow  tics  are   moving on.

Tick                                               Tock.


I         move       closer       to        you.

As   the  time   for  us  draws  near,

these heavy anxieties are thinning

pang                    by                       pang

to                        and                         fro.

I               come               to              you.