The human 

comes through, 

if you dig 

into your tissue. 

We are deeply flawed,

and it is reveled, 

when you cut

into your own


I eat my own,

from the tips of my fingers,

and I think of my soul….

How much 

more different

am I 

than a god?


Jesus Christ, vol. II

I guess Jesus

was the first

super hero,

but my condescending mind says, 

“What about the Hindu gods, 

the Greeks 

and the Roman’s? ”




was second issue…

season two. 


those graphics were sweet,

and the reboot/sequel

is set to be


at least

that’s what my buddy says..  

don’t know….

I’m really into Manga 


An even dozen

We have been asked
not to judge the religion
by its most extreme
We tried to comply.
We tried
even as we mocked our own
for the foibles of a few.
But if every tenth
(or fifteenth
or twentieth)
bite from the proverbial apple
is rotten
or sickening
or deadly
then the whole cart
is suspect
It then becomes worth,
at the very least,
a wary eye
and a cautious proceeding
in the going forward.

The lights

I took my two-year old son
for a drive
in the neighborhood
to look at the Christmas lights.
As the radio played
the standards
he gleefully called out
each character
he recognized.
I felt joy
tinged with a feeling
I am reluctant
to call
As an adult
I have chosen the title
to mark my place
in the arc
of belief.
I have arrived here
after a long journey
through rebellion
and atheism.
What will his journey be?
I find Christianity fascinating
as one does any history
without its strings
Must I submit him
to Sunday lectures
and the fear of the afterlife
to teach him
the reason for the glory
embeded in
Adeste Fidelis?
Does my softening reflect
some ritualistic
and predictable failing
that befalls all upon whom culture
inevitably places her crown
of yielding?
I do not wish
to spend Sundays
listening to the tired intonations
of those whose key book
has seen more revisions
than a dictionary.
I cannot, however, deny
the power of human belief
that leads to such endeavors
in the first place.
Must I submit this child
to these practices
to give him the fuel
to know when to rebel?
but if not
there is always the covenant
of grandma
and grandpa…
that’s how it worked out
for me….

Fairy Lights

It’s Christmas time.
Look at all the lights,
and decorations.
They bring beauty
to the hideous
and mundane.
Within their twinkling
I am returned
to my five-year-old
Children’s faces light up
and the adults reach out
warmly to one another;
to strangers.
These simple illuminations
can mask the bitterness,
cull the acrimony,
If only for the season.
I think
therin lies
the true miracle.