Safeway Ballard

Rarely, in life,

do you get these moments when you can

measure yourself,

as if handed a ruler,

against the lives of the people

you admire

in life.

I think about Dudley,

the archetypal male,

who defined the village

of Ballard,

he is fading

from the scene.

Why does this genius

transition to transparent

with time?



My safe word is “paradise”

The meat guy 

says the market 

is no good

for house buying…

too costly, 

he says. 

He and the girlfriend

are sliding out

to San Diego. 

They’ll start over. 

That’s really something, 

when paradise is easier

than the here-and-now.

Out and about

It’s amazing
how a city,
your city,
can affect
how you take
the world.
This bearded guy
serving my beer
is a douche…
40 miles north
of here.
in this town,
he is one of ours.
If I were stopped
at a traffic light
I might find room
in my heart
for disdain
of he
and his ilk,
but with my beer
in his hand
all I feel
is kinship
and understanding.