So she has started her trip
back north…
this is not news.
She does this
every year.
The only way
we can ever truly miss her
it’s when she has been gone
for some time.
I’m okay
with that.
Even as she heads north
She will engage us
with her warmth.
I will find solace
in her slow departure
as I bask
in her glow.


Turn the page

Solstice comes
then goes…
but the calender doesn’t change.
We binge on one holiday
to purge on the other
one week later.
We make promises
we have no intention
of keeping
so we can feel empowered
about “the now”
and a failure
As you get older
this matters less.
It is only another night;
as you will have done
enough debauchery
to fuel a lifetime
The clock will align its hands
straight up,  again,
but it will happen
while sleep is king
and this new year
will still be new
in the morning.


Man’s calendar
creeps towards another
The sun did her best
to tell us to hit
the reset…
but we have chosen
this day.
I will not,
see the tick
of that clock.
I will be asleep.
That’s alright.
I’ve seen it before.
It doesn’t change too much.
Tomorrow will still be there
and my head
will be much better
for it.
Happy New Year.