Five O’Clock

It isn’t just me,
is it,
who watches
as the news
today’s disaster?
Do you see it,
They show concern
and beg our understanding
but we all hear
the notes
of a siren-song,
that entices
I’m not fearful
of shadows
and taunts.
The world often sucks:
no insight needed.


Different days

Spotted through the rear window
of an ambulance in transit
the old man reclined on a gurney
with an oxygen mask.
It was Tuesday morning
and my knee was swollen
and packed in ice
to weather another day
of humping product
through the grocery maze.
He looked at ease
and the lights on the ambulance
weren’t flashing.
he was having a much worse day
than I could imagine
and now my knee
hurt a little less.

Remember black?

Remember hate and childhood?

…so intertwined…

so much the same.

The little scrapes and bruises,

being a fat-little fuck,

no ones friend,

alone and crying to play…

to be as good

as everyone else,

wishing the girls

weren’t such bitches.


Remember trying to be happy,

to laugh when you had nothing,

to figure out why people

treated you like shit…


Remember discovering intelligence,

knowing your own superiority?

Fuck life…

why not, it fucked you….