Small victories

I saw a car

just like mine; 

same make, 

same color. 

It had, however, 

nicer factory wheels. 

I had to admit

it looked really good. 

As I drove past

I saw

that the drivers window

was covered

with a giant smear

of bird – shit.

That’s perfect. 


It’s only just everyday, that’s all.

A homeless man stands
at fifth and Olive
and gestures to the curb,
like a man giving hand-signals
for a vehicle backing up.
But it’s just an argument
in his head
we aren’t privy to.
I don’t know
what madness is,
He is caught in a loop
that is clearly marked off
as troubled…
but the line is fuzzy and vast
and I think we are all on it, too…
His loop,
his obvious broken nature,
can be observed
as I pass by at thirty miles an hour.
But we all loop.
Seen from afar
I look manic
and broken, too.
My day repeats,
my week follows…
and then a year…
and then a lifetime.
For what?
I gesture to no one
and wave my arms
as I break my body
for a paycheck
and little else.
We are all mad,
all fractured,
you just have to watch us
a little longer
to see it.


I am working
in the back room
of a small grocery store,
not too far
from the restrooms.
A little girl
(perhaps nine
or ten)
returning from the restroom
suddenly hugs
my left arm.
She is scrawny,
and precocious….
She says,
“Hello, fat-boy!”
and grins wide.
I manage to mumble a,
She repeats herself,
her smile widening,
her eyes fluttering.
I cannot tell
if she is cruel
or kidding…
all I wonder
is it wrong
to want to punch
a child?

Withering, inside

I have a mech-suit
I wear.
It is bulky
and it let’s me
I move the heavy,
lift the things…
put stuff
in the places
that stuff
I cannot
take it off.
I am the operator
and I am trapped
I sit
at the controls;
a weak
and tiny,
Some day
the mech will fail,
collapse to the ground,
and stunned onlookers
will paw
at the latches
and straps
and expose
my frail and dying
“Why, he’s so small!
Just a wizened figure
gripping a felt-tipped pen….”
A sheaf of unread papers
will cascade
from my weakened grasp
and drift away.
“Who will move
the things
and lift the load
Then they wander