Month: February 2015

I know I’m dead

The comedy routine
was pre-recorded,
the comedian
long dead.
The jokes were funny
and so I laughed.
It was odd,
because I knew
he was dead.
He didn’t, though.
He was on tape.
It made me wonder:
Could he have known?
He was doing his thing,
working his craft,
but he was now dead.
We are all
“Doing our things”
and we will all
be dead
What do we know
of that?
It’s there a window
to peek through
and see
This eventuality?
It is far too easy
to do so
from this vantage point
in the present
looking back.
But otherwise


I got an email today.
Subject line:
Reverse tinnitus.
I knew they were offering
a cure
but all I could imagine
was having an affliction
that caused ringing
in other people’s ears.
It drove me
to re-read the email…
what if I do have
reverse tinnitus?
People never seem to hear me
and they look at me
when I talk.

Don’t go into the light

I think we have
our motifs on death
at least in one regards:
the light we see
when the end is on us.
Last night
I stared
at the crack of light
that poured through
the door frame
from the hallway
into my room.
I squeezed my eyes shut
and it reappeared
behind my eye-lids
as a black bar:
its perfect echo,
reveled in negative.
Could it be
that those who have come near
to their own demise
are not bringing back
tales of seeing the light
of heaven,
are instead
and weren’t o
heading towards
“The Light”
but were instead
drifting towards
the blackness?
Have we been desiring
the wrong sort
of afterlife?