Month: December 2013


Man’s calendar
creeps towards another
The sun did her best
to tell us to hit
the reset…
but we have chosen
this day.
I will not,
see the tick
of that clock.
I will be asleep.
That’s alright.
I’ve seen it before.
It doesn’t change too much.
Tomorrow will still be there
and my head
will be much better
for it.
Happy New Year.


We live isolated lives:

the thinnest of insulations

separating us

from the brutal contacts

of the sorrows

of others.

We have no idea

of the connections

that bind us,

nor the finest of lines

that divide us.


The artist took
his own life.
His beautiful girlfriend
looked distraught
on tv.
I thought,
“he must have serious issues,
she is beyond reproach….”
But then I am shallow.
His torment was untouchable
by simple beauty.
So, I wonder,
how ruined
has life become
when love
and security
mean so little
that you would sully them
for the simple pleasure
of destroying it all
in sadness?
I fold my arms
and turn away from the tv:
life is tough enough,
without seeing how the gifted
have thrown it away.

Fairy Lights

It’s Christmas time.
Look at all the lights,
and decorations.
They bring beauty
to the hideous
and mundane.
Within their twinkling
I am returned
to my five-year-old
Children’s faces light up
and the adults reach out
warmly to one another;
to strangers.
These simple illuminations
can mask the bitterness,
cull the acrimony,
If only for the season.
I think
therin lies
the true miracle.


The tree is lit

and I water it


It drinks,

but it is already dead.

It is here, in my house,

as a symbol of life;

of renewal.

It is still,



I am reminded of the natives

who believed that the animals

of the hunt

had sacrificed themselves

in a spiritual manner

for the sustenance of the hunter.

This is the thought that followed me

as I selected the tree for culling

from amongst the thousand others

crowding the tree-farm:

You are sacrifice,

a hint of dying green,

trapped inside my home

and festooned with lights

and singing

(as my chorus)

the tale of winters-promise

for new life.