Month: March 2017


I really like the changing of the seasons.

I realize,


some people seem truly bothered 

by periods of excessive rain 

and grey. 

I am not amongst them. 

I find myself perplexed, 

maybe even a little bit surprised, 

to hear of people 

seeking warmer climes,

to avoid 

the mid-winter dulls. 

I welcome 

all that the seasons 


I know the sun will come;

I know the days will turn bright 

and warm. 

How much harm is it to wait? 

Without this cycle 

to keep us engaged 

what would our world be? 

Come on, rain, 

give me your worst. 

It is only the first week of March, 

and I am ready 

for the best winter has left. 

How else will I know, 

the joys of spring 

and summer?

Jesus Christ, vol. II

I guess Jesus

was the first

super hero,

but my condescending mind says, 

“What about the Hindu gods, 

the Greeks 

and the Roman’s? ”




was second issue…

season two. 


those graphics were sweet,

and the reboot/sequel

is set to be


at least

that’s what my buddy says..  

don’t know….

I’m really into Manga