To Stranraer

I keep re-seeing
(if that’s a thing)
the location
in Glasgow
where the blank-cab
picked me up.
I do not remember
exactly where
this was
but the image
is crystalline.
I don’t want to active
any meaning
but being human,
I must.
I had yet to lean
on anyone
that summer,
but in a few days
I would be sharing a room
with an old friend
in Dublin.
This was,
in a way,
my last solo travel
and so it became burned
on my brain
and crops up
from time-to-time
up remind me
of solitude
as companion.


A wedge within a wheel.

Wisdom takes time,
time takes patience,
patience takes practice,
practice takes failure,
failure takes fortitude,
fortitude takes guts,
guts take enzymes,
enzymes take cheese,
the cheese stands alone.

The following poems were written between January 1991 and May 1996. They follow the arc of a relationship from new love, through the relationship and to a falling out and falling apart. All wounds have long since healed, and all parties are well past acrimony. Thank you for reading, following and liking.

Distance pales

The pain and longing

hit like a thousand desires,

the explosion of need

brought on tears like a fire.


Though sobbing and crying

I knew I had felt love,

I knew this was potent,

though feeling it was rough.


My heart cried out, “Please…!”

Though the pain did not end,

I felt a wash of calm,

knowing that I’d see her again.


The time and distance will always be there,

the need to hold will not fail.

Though we are separate now

in the light of love, distance pales.