Month: November 2017

We rotten beggar-scribes

All these voices,

talking into emptiness.

And I

shouting with them,

adding my desperate plea

to the general cacophony.

I criticize

and minimize

their efforts,

but, really,

who am I,

(shouting to be heard

as well,)

to judge?

I pine for acknowledgment

every bit as much

as the most strident

of supplicants does.

It is a desperation

that reeks so strongly

that it escapes the digital void

that spawns it.

I reek of it



Fucking pedestrians,

they follow no rules,

face no penalties,

observe no form

of common sense…

act with impunity,


have the law either

on their side,


simply turning a blind eye.

They are like Gods on the streets.

I envy them.

If I drove as they walk

I would surely have murdered

thousands by now.