Month: March 2014


We live in a world

of layers.

Like a recluse,

we hide inside our box,

within the walls

of our island

in the sea.

Sometimes the defenses fail,

the dangerous get in

and our system collapses.

We say,

“I’m okay, the sea is holding.”

Then the sea falls, and we say,

“It’s okay, the island is strong,”

then it falls too.

So goes, soon, the walls

and then it is only us…

…and our box.

The whole of human existence is thus:

Our walls, our collectives….

Sometimes the enemy is physically threatening,

sometimes that threat is ephemeral.

Sometimes it is cancer,

other-times it is love.

We build and isolate,

and collapse from without.

You can measure the arc of humanity

in the failings of our barricades,

and our progress can be measured

by the same tools.





Day two

They say that today

is the first day

of the rest of your life.


So yesterday must have been

the last day

of something,


Am I perpetually starting over,

or closing doors,


after day?

Stupid aphorisms.


I went to the concert
to hear the artist
and they were playing it
in the bar,
while I drank,
before the show.
I felt like I was choking
on something I loved.
I went outside
and took a deep breath
but they were out there too…
smoking the green,
of how out-of-touch they were
with what they had come to experience.
I felt square.
I wanted music
I got people instead.